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  • Listening to: Birds and wind spirits
Action: Action RPing is probably the most basic of the styles. Normally denoted as *text* or -text-, action is generally done in the first person but can vary between RP’ers. Action RPs are often really minimal and straight forward.
Chaerin: -opens the door and pokes my head in- Jiyong oppa!
Jiyong: -looks up at the sound of your voice- Yes, Chae?~
Chaerin: You suck, keke. -sticks out my tongue-

Activity (1/10): On roleplay applications, this is to let the people know how active you will be on the website posting. Very little free time = 1-3. Two to three posts a week, 4-6. More free time than most, higher numbers.

Admin: The ‘manager’ or person in charge of the roleplay, group, blog, etc. See 'mod.'

AU: Alternate Universe. Used to signify that whatever the statement/comment is, is taking place in a universe/dimension that is separate from the normal.

Canon: This is not just an RP term, but in RP it refers to any character that is preexisting in any form of media. Movies, comics, books etc. A canon character is someone like Harry Potter, Wolverine, Mr. Tumnus, Edward Cullen, etc.

Canon Character: When a roleplayer uses a preexisting character from the original source information (TV show, book, movie, etc.) to RP with instead of creating their own original or fan character.

Closed Roleplay: The thread/roleplay is closed off to outsiders and is only welcome to those that are mentioned and already involved.

Crack: Something that is intentionally ludicrous or unrealistic, and often humorous. For example, a series of crack one-shot stories about :iconwdisneyrp-flynn:: wdisneyrp-pocahontas.deviantar…

Crossover: Combining two or more different fandoms into an RP or fan fiction.

CS: Character Sheet. A page or so describing your character including physical and personality descriptions. It comes in different forms, usually provided by the roleplay group you want to join.

Doubling: When you and your partner both play one female AND one male. Most often used as a courtesy when both players do not want to play a specific gender.

Face Claim (see also PB): The “face” of your character, abbreviated as FC. The celebrity, actor, anime character, etc. that is used to portray the appearance of your character.

Fade to Black: Often used with sexual scenes where the players end/skip a scene, though the actions are thought to be played out despite not being typed, and the scene picks back up after the skipped scene would have ended.

Fan Character: An original character created to exist in a canon world. For example, if a roleplayer makes up an original Saiyan character to interact with other DBZ characters like Vegeta, Goku, etc.

Fandom: A group or subculture of fans dedicated to celebrating a certain book, TV show, movie, etc. For example, members of the Phantom of the Opera fandom call themselves Phans.

FemPreg: Female Pregnancy by another female. A character or roleplay allowance that sees females becoming pregnant from other females as acceptable and is used for the roleplay.

Full-fledge RPs: Where you really dig into the meat and bones of an RP account. Some RPers create accounts solely for this. They are like co-writing fanfictions and can be lengthy- anywhere from a paragraph to multiple paragraphs. These are where I find myself putting forward the most effort. It should be noted, though, that it is absolutely important to keep controlling the other RPer’s muse to an absolute minimum. You are not that muse’s mun, and it can really offend the other RPer. For example, saying that your muse blushed at the other muse’s laughter is okay, but making major decisions for the other muse is not. I believe a big no-no is outright describing what the other muse is thinking or saying or doing that hasn’t already been described by the other RPer.

Future Week: When, in a roleplay, the roleplay jumps into the future a decade or so, but only for one week.

Genderbend: To magically/surgically/otherwise transform a character into the opposite sex to see how he/she copes with the situation.

GIF Chat: Explained here with an example: fuckyeahroleplayadvice.tumblr.…

God-Mod (GM): Depending who you ask this can mean two different things. Either having an all-powerful character or trying to control another persons character.

Half-RP: When you start a thread with another RPer, and you’re tossing back and forth one- or two-liners. They’re usually lighthearted and are great for when you want to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes, half-RPs can form into something more. They help you get acquainted with other RPers and their muses, and connections are formed. It is not uncommon for the RPer to create a thread for you to respond to when you first follow them. Be open to following other RPers. Most of the time, they will follow you back.

Head Canon: While ‘canon’ refers to FACT as stated in the original/published body of work/fandom, Head Canon is any configuration of that fandom in your mind. For instance, in ‘canon’ Harry Potter ends up with Ginny Weasley, however in your ‘Head Canon’ Harry may end up with Ron Weasley or really anyone else. Also, Ginny may die in a fire. Head Canon encompasses fanfiction, plot development that deviates from original work during Roleplays, and general canon-screwery. Also, could this definition get any more convoluted and arbitrary? Refrigerator.

Het: Short for heterosexual. The end.

IC: In Character. Meaning the statement after this is in the mode of your roleplay character. (ex: {{IC}} It was a Monday morning and Callum was feeling oddly perky. He climbed out of bed and dressed quickly as though he couldn’t wait to greet the beginning of his week… etc)

Indie: Independent. Usually means a roleplay blog that is not tied to a roleplay group.

LI: Love Interest. It means the same it means in the movies. It references the romantic interest of the character. Boyfriend/Girlfirend/Husband/Wife/Friend With Benefits etc. (ex: I’m filling a role for my friend, he needs an LI for his character.)

M!A: Stands for Magic!Anon. Used when asking a character a question anonymously. The Magic!Anon has the ‘ability’ to make the character do or become anything. For example: “M!A You are now the opposite sex for a day!” The character will then respond to this with a post.

Mainverse: The main universe in which the character is played.

Mary sue/Gary Stu: Used to describe a character that is often times ‘perfect’ in every way, is capable of upstaging other characters no matter what, they can pick up on any task and master it in no time, etc. Usually a perfected self-insert. Gary Stus are also sometimes called Marty-Sams.

MC: An abbreviation for main character.

Metagaming: Inserting OOC knowledge into your IC interaction.

Mod: The ‘manager’ or person in charge of the roleplay, group, blog, etc. See 'admin.'

Moniker: A nickname or alias, often used by the roleplayer.

MPreg: Male Pregnancy. A character or roleplay allowance that sees males becoming pregnant as acceptable and is used for the roleplay.

MSRP: Multi-Storyline Role Player. This means that the Role Player does many different stories with the same character. They could have four lovers, but they’re all different versions of the same characters and so it is not cheating. So they can be with person A and person B but the stories in which person A is with them, person B does not exist.

Multi-Para: Type of comment (used to refer to a type of RPer as well). A multi-para comment is a comment that is generally three or more full paragraphs long. More descriptor words, generally more substance (at least hopefully) than the One Liner and the Para. Dividing a para post into three four sentence “paragraphs” does NOT make you a Multi Para RPer! Dividing your paragraphs into five or more “demi-paragraphs” does not make you a novella player.

Multi-Shipping: Coincides with Multiple Storyline Character, in which the romantic involvement with one character in one thread does not interfere or coincide with the romantic relationship with another character in an entirely different thread. This means that a character can have as many relationships as they would like, as each one is in a different universe and none of the partners know of the others’ existence in any way, shape, or form.

Multiverse: A roleplay that involves more than one canon or original universe, or ‘verse.’

Mun: The person behind the character. A.K.A the roleplayer.

Muse: Often referred to either the player’s character, or things that inspire the player.

MU/MUSH: Multi-User Simulated Hallucination. Often related to roleplayers of MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft.

Mutual: This is when you follow someone’s blog and they also follow you back.

Novella: Type of comment and RPer. There is some debate amongst RPers as to what makes a true Novella roleplayer. Some will say it is upwards of seven or more paragraphs but generally you can get away with it with five (occassionally four) lengthy paragraphs. A novella comment is generally articulate, well worded, and engaging. Novella posts can get VERY long and novella writers often take their writing seriously. 

That’s it for the Roleplaying Dictionary. It will be expanded upon and added to as more terms pop up. Hope this was helpful!

NPC: Non-Played Character/ Not Pictured Character. This is when an RPer controls the actions of a background character. The background character is the non played, as it does not have it’s own actual profile/player. Often used to play out waiters at restaurants, police officers, pedestrians, etc.

NSFW: Snot Safe For Work. Any material that would not be suitable outside of private viewing.

OC: Original Character. One that is not related to any canon material. Made up entirely by the player.

OCC: Original Canon Character. A character that was mentioned in canon, but isn’t a fully-fledged character (see: Daphne Greengrass in Harry Potter).

Omegaverse: Best explained here due to length:…

One-Liner: This is a type of comment (also used to refer to a type of RPer) that is composed of one line/sentence or less. Often considered a lazy way to RP, but it is appropriate for some situations.

OOC: Out Of Character. Meaning whatever is stated after this, or around this acronym is outside of your roleplaying and speaking as who you are in real life. (ex: {{ooc I’m heading off to bed, and will get to your comment in the morning, k?}})

Open Post: Regards an open thread on a forum. This means that the post made is open for anyone to reply to so that a roleplay can begin. Sometimes, more than one person is allowed to join, which is specified either in the title of the post, or in the tags.

Original RP: An RP with 100% original content, not involving characters or verses from any pre-existing media.

OTP: One True Pairing. An OTP is a pair of characters that you fancy as a couple and hold in the highest regard as, essentially, soulmates in your mind.

Para: Type of comment (again, used to refer to a type of RPer as well). A para RPer is someone who typically writes a full paragraph as a comment, they are more together than One Liner comments typically with more descriptor words. Some consider para anything from one paragraph to two short ones. Writing a paragraph and a sentence or two does not make you a multi-para, sadly.

PB (also see Face Claim): Play-By. This is the ‘face’ that is used to portray the physical form of a character. Usually a celebrity of some sort. (ex: Her character’s really cute but I can’t remember the name of her PB. I think it’s Natalie Portman.) 

SL: Storyline. This is essentially the string of comments back and forth or the general idea/outline of a RP you are doing. Not to be confused with S&L.

Plotting: When people ask to plot or talk about plotting, they mean discussing ideas for roleplay situations and figuring out a plot for that particular RP. An example of an RP plot would be two characters discovering a secret about another and in the plotting process, the two muns would hammer out the details about the sequence of events in the RP. You can also plot out relationships (this would consist of timeline-based plotting more than anything else).

Power-Play (PP): Trying to control another persons character. This is generally an illegal move.

PSA: Public service announcement. Generally used when making an important or should-be-widespread announcement for followers, groups, or people beyond those looking at your blog.

RL/IRL: Real Life/In Real Life. Referencing things outside of the roleplay game. (ex: My character is a total punk but I was actually a cheerleader in higschool IRL.)

Roleplay Page: A roleplay page is basically a page where you list all of the roleplays you are current taking part in. In para RPs, these kinds of pages aren’t required but highly recommended. So much so that it’s become a default page of most para RP blogs because they are so helpful. Not only does it allow people to read and learn about your character’s experiences easily, it also helps those you are RPing with to find your replies quickly. People often use tags to organize replies.

RP: Roleplay.

RPG: Roleplay Game/Group.

S&C: Single and Crushing. Again, pretty obvious. It means that the character is still single, but has feelings for someone and letting everyone know.

S&L: Single and Looking. This one is pretty obvious, it means that the roleplayer is advertising that their character is single and looking for someone to be their love interest. Not to be confused with SL.

Script: Script RP’ing is like a mixture of para and action. Normally denoted as such (/text), script RP’ing is done in the third person and provides almost as much insight as paras do but in a more relaxed, action-like format. Here’s an example script RP:
Chaerin: (/opens the door and sticks her head in, a small grin spreading across her face as she sees Jiyong absorbed in his book) Jiyong oppa!
Jiyong: (/starts at the sound of his name, looking up at the younger girl with a smile, unable to deny that he’s happy to see her as always) Yes, Chae?~
Chaerin: You suck, keke. (/sticks her tongue out in a playful manner, completely amused by her actions)

Self-Insert: A character that resembles the mun via personality, looks, etc. and is generally an exact reflection of the mun.

Seme: In erotic manga (or ‘hentai’), it relates to the person who is the ‘top’ in the bedroom, or has a more dominant personality.

Semi-Para: Three sentences of post length.

Semi-Selective: When a roleplayer will sometimes be choosy with who they decide to roleplay with. Out of person A, B, and C, they may roleplay with B and C, but decide not to roleplay with A for whatever reason.

Ship/Shipping: Short for relationship. The act of shipping two characters together is to engage the two of them in an official relationship. The thought of shipping two characters together is approval of the thought of the two engaging in a relationship.

Slash: Refers to any same-sex pairing be it canon or headcanon.

Smut: The writing of erotica/18+ sexual material without a plot.

Starter: The opening/beginning post of a new roleplay. The very first post of the roleplay functions to ‘start’ the roleplay.

T1, T2, and T3: All three are explained here: fuckyeahroleplayadvice.tumblr.…

TF Roleplay: Transformation Roleplay. TF Roleplay is a transformation-roleplaying adventure game involving transformations and being transformed. Examples of transformations include such things as mythological creatures, age changes, gender changes, animals, objects, extra body parts, and pretty much anything else you can name.

Thread: The collection of posts and responses from the start or continuation of the roleplay.

Timeskip: Skipping chronologically forward in an RP to avoid acting out dull scenes.

UC: Under Construction. See below.

Uke: In erotic manga (or ‘hentai’), it relates to the person who is the ‘bottom’ in the bedroom, or has a more submissive personality.

UMC: Under Major Construction. This one is pretty self explanatory. When you see this ackronym it means that someones profile/bio/whatever else is currently being put together.

UST: Unresolved Sexual Tension.

Verse: ‘Universe’ or the world in which the roleplay is set.

Sources Used for this Reference Guide:…
Roleplay Dictionary
I compiled this list as a reference for experienced and inexperienced roleplayers alike. If you know of any RP terms that are missing from this dictionary, please tell me in a comment (with a reference so I know you didn't just make it up).

If any of you newcomers to the world of roleplaying have questions, feel free to comment down below or note me privately.
Character Number Replacement Meme: Fountain of Youth

1) Pick 10 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4) Tag 2-4 people to do the meme!
5) Have fun!




1. Everyone is on a trek to the Fountain of Youth. Who is the captain of the ship?
2. The ship arrives in Florida in pre-colonial times. Is anyone surprised by the wild and untamed Florida landscape?
3. [2], [5], and [9] get into a cockboat and start rowing toward the shore. A pod of ravenous mermaids appear and demand a meal. Which one is most likely to sacrifice him/herself so the others may live?
4. It turns out that the mermaids are like moths in that they feed on cloth. Who is most willing to sacrifice their clothes so the others don’t have to go naked?
5. [1], [3], and [7] see the others being robbed by cloth-eating mermaids. Are they interested in helping? If so, what approach is each likely to take to the problem?
6. Either [1], [3], or [7]’s plan worked and nobody has to take off their clothes. Who out of the whole crew is most grateful for this?
7. [8] has fallen in love with one of the mermaids. How does he or she react to whatever [1], [3], or [7] did to get the mermaids to leave their friends alone?
8. Wanting to stay away from the trouble, [10] and [6] use the ship’s cannons to shoot themselves to shore so they can stay out of the mermaid-infested waters. Who is the most likely to survive?
9. As it turns out, one of the local natives was a legendary prankster and build a giant whoopee cushion on land to harass a rival tribe. [10] and [6] make a safe landing on the whoopee cushion, puncturing it in the process. In retribution, the native prankster leaves a trail of banana peels leading away from the destroyed whoopee cushion. Who is the most likely to slip, [10] or [6]?
10. Everyone else has made it to shore. How do they react to seeing the giant deflated whoopee cushion? Do any of them slip on the banana peels, too?
11. The prankster’s tribe shows up. They appear to be hostile. However, [5] and [9] get so scared that they pee in their pants. To the tribe, urinating in one’s pants is a sign of divinity. [5] and [9] are put on a pedestal and worshipped by the tribe. How do the others react to [5] and [9] being pampered for peeing?
12. [3], [7], and [10] collectively decide that they must learn the language of the natives so they can ask them where the Fountain of Youth is. Which one of them learns the native language the fastest and why?
13. The one who has learned the language now knows that only a “god” can give them access to the Fountain. Does he or she approach [5] and [9] for help?
14. Due to the pampering, [5] and [9] now believe themselves to be immortal meaning they do not need the Fountain of Youth and are too lazy now to help. What persuasion methods do the others use? Does any of it involve violence?
15. While looking for the entrance to the Fountain, [1] gets a brilliant idea. He or she goes to the chief of the tribe and pees. Now [1] is a god, too. He or she finds the Fountain and opens the door. Does [1] let the others in to enjoy the Fountain too?
16. If [1] did not let the others in, [10] eventually figures out what [1] did and goes to the chief and pees. Now [10] is a god. He or she goes into the Fountain and sees that [1] has been transformed into a five-year-old. What does [10] do?
17. A real god comes along and sees the mere mortals playing in his Fountain. Enraged, he turns all of the crewmembers into the opposite sex. Does [2] find [3] attractive?
18. Does [10] find [7] attractive?
19. The tribe eventually figures out that they were deceived and they go the Fountain to punish the false gods. [1], [10], [5], and [9] are put in time out for being naughty. Do any of the others try to save them? How?
20. [1], now a five-year-old transgendered person, escapes from timeout and goes back to the destroyed whoopee cushion and takes a nap on it. Who is the first to notice he or she is missing? Who is the first to round up a search party?
21. A chief from the rival tribe discovers [1] napping and decides to adopt him or her. [1] is now a prince or princess. When the others find [1], does he or she agree to return with them or stay with the new family and be royalty?
22. The chief learns from the others that [1] was put in timeout by his enemies. He decides to declare war to avenge [1]’s honor. Who tries to prevent the war and make peace? Does anyone want the war to happen? If so, what do they do to ensure it happens?
23. It turns out that war in Florida does not refer to a violent interaction, but rather a prank-fueled competition. Who sides with [1]’s new tribe? Who sides with the opposing side?
24. Who comes up with the best prank for the prank war?
25. It turns out the same god is angered by the prank war between neighbors. He smites everyone with Chinese water torture. Who loses their mind the quickest?
26. Everyone is tortured to insanity and then dropped back on their ship. How does the voyage home turn out when the crew is nuts?
OC Number Replacement Meme

1) Pick 5 characters in any order
2) Don't change the questions
3) Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4) Tag 2-4 people to do the meme!
5) Have fun!

1. :iconwdisneyrp-dug:
2. :iconwdisneyrp-elsa:
3. :iconwdisneyrp-flynn:
4. :iconwdisneyrp-billcipher:
5. :iconwdisneyrp-pocahontas:


1. [4] wakes up in the morning to find [2] in the same room. What happens?

Bill first pretends to be friendly with Elsa, but as they get to know each other more he gets bored and decides to invade her mind and use her fears to amuse himself.

2. What would happen if [5] was trapped in an elevator with [4]?

Pocahontas would use the opportunity when no one else is there to ponder the truths of the universe and brainstorm possibilities for new pranks she could play. Bill would probably manipulate her mind in some way just for kicks. All in all, they would probably have a good time.

3.  [1] Has the power to create [5]'s day into anyway they wanted. What would [1] do to [5]?

Dug would probably drop Pocahontas into a field of mud and squirrels. She would enjoy it, but not as much as Dug would.

4. It turns out that [1] is on an online pornography site, [3] walks in on [1] while he/she is watching porn. What is [1]'s explanation?

Dug’s explanation is that he was hungry and was looking up pie recipes, but got lost on the internet and couldn’t ask anyone for directions.

5. [2] is cleaning [3]'s house when [2] finds an album of pictures of himself/herself. What does [2] do?

Elsa thinks Flynn is sweet for thinking of her, but warns him not to be a creeper.

6. What does [4] do when he/she is alone with [1]?

Bill thinks how boring it is to be alone with someone with such simplistic thoughts in their head. Nothing really for him to manipulate.

7. If [5] turned out to be an infamous criminal, what is the first thing [5] would do to [1]?

Pocahontas would probably steal Dug’s collar and take it apart trying to discover its secrets.

8. [3] Is a history teacher, [2] fails his/her test and [3] had offered to let him/her come in after school. What really goes on after class? Does [2] show up and does [3] teach or leave? Explain!

Flynn Rider tutors Elsa for awhile, understanding that her queenly duties make it difficult for her to find time to study. Eventually Flynn gets lazy and falls asleep, leaving Elsa to the task of finding another tutor.

9. What would happen if [4] was a police officer?

Chaos and terror. Bill should never be granted that kind of authority.

10. Now [1] thinks that he/she is [3]! How does [1] impersonate [3]?

Dug impersonates Flynn Rider by stealing pies from windowsills and pursuing Pocahontas to ask her why she hasn’t been pranking him like he expected.

11. [2], how shallow do you think [5] is? Either out of 1-10, 1 being not shallow at all, and 10 being extremely shallow.

Elsa thinks Pocahontas can be shallow sometimes, but usually isn’t. One of the shallow things about her is that she is always picking on Flynn for having hair on his face. Elsa might score her between 3 and 4.

12. [4] could you tell us your guilty pleasures?

There are none, because Bill does not experience “guilt.”

13. Okay, now [2] wants [3] be homosexual with another character! Who is the character that [2] choses for [3]? Does [3] agree or not? (Can be with a character within this meme or another character of yours)

Elsa chooses Hans for Flynn, and she makes Hans the woman in the relationship. This is all to punish Hans for trying to takeover Arendelle.

14. What would it take to make [5] fall in love with [4]?

Absolute and complete mind control.

15. Now this meme is over, what will you do?

I will RP with :iconwdisneyrp-janeporter:.

Journal History

The previous RPer has passed the inactivity limit of 4 weeks.

If you would like to apply for this character, please click the picture below to be taken to the group's main page. Once there you can review our rules, FAQ, and a complete list of all our current members.

-DisneyRP-Old-and-New Admin Staff

  • Listening to: Birds and wind spirits


WDisneyRP-Pocahontas's Profile Picture
Artist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Status: Seeking information from Fairy Mary in Camelot.

My name is Amonute, but everyone still calls me by my childhood nickname Pocahontas. I was born in Werowocomoco, a village in Tsenacomoco - or Virginia. My father is Powhatan, Paramount Chief of many tribes near and far. My mother was Nonoma Winanuske from the Bear Clan. She grew sick and died when I was still a child. As a young girl, I met a group of strange people from another land who called themselves the English. A war nearly broke out between these settlers and my tribe, but luckily I had befriended one of them by the name of John Smith and together we were able to divert disaster. Unfortunately John Smith was injured and had to return to his homeland, London. Not long after, I was informed that he had died of his injuries. I didn't learn the truth until three or four years later, when I met him in London. It's a long story. If you have any questions for me about my life or adventures, feel free to ask.

Character Development Profile:

Aliases: Pocahontas, Amonute, Matoaka, Poca, Pokie, and numerous secret names.
Age: Young adult
Alignment: Good
Personality: Playful, but knows when to be serious
Abilities: Has a few shamanic powers, like being able to converse with spirits.
Habits: Climbing trees, exploring nature, swimming, etc.
Flaws: Can be too trusting and doesn't always obey her elders. She can also be a bit too curious at times.
Companion/Pet: Meeko the raccoon, Flit the hummingbird, and Percy the pug dog.
Similar Characters: Kida, Tiana, Esmeralda, etc.
Relationships (in alphabetical order):

Anna is definitely one of Pocahontas’s favorite people outside of her own forest-dwelling microcosm. She shares a spirit of adventure and spontaneity with Anna and greatly enjoys her company, especially since Anna is often willing to go along with Pocahontas’s crazy ideas.

Pocahontas met this little boy on the way to Camelot. He seemed nice, so she decided to help him and his eighty something refugee companions get to France. She has not gotten to know him that well yet, and she is certainly unaware of his great destiny.

Pocahontas has a lot in common with Dug, as she much enjoys nature-related activities. She does think Dug is a bit reckless sometimes, but it amuses more so than annoys her. She also realizes that he is not too good at following directions, but she loves how obedient he is.

Pocahontas likes Belle for teaching her some French and also getting her interested in reading as a hobby. It was also thanks to Belle that Pocahontas came up with the idea of writing books for fun, which she has written several of at this point. She also enjoyed pestering Gaston with the help of Belle and the other girls.

Pocahontas thinks this little guy is very funny. Knowing that he can read minds, she likes to think of gross things while he is around as a type of prank on him. However, this always backfires on her because he can rearrange her thoughts to bring out her fears. The last time led to her playing a prank on her innocent fiancé because Bill made her think that he had gossiped about her behind her back.

Pocahontas really has no idea why this toy bear can move or talk, and she doesn't particularly care. Pocahontas finds that he is a good individual to talk to whenever she is feeling bad about something. Duffy also gives great hugs, which is always a plus.

Pocahontas likes Elsa and thinks she is pretty and awesome, but sometimes finds the queen to be too uptight and reserved. Pocahontas enjoys doing things to make Elsa loosen up, such as canoeing with her over waterfalls and going to mud baths.

Pocahontas calls him "the evil spirit man" because of his voodoo practices. She finds him kind of annoying, particularly because of the one time that he turned her into a man by accident. He has not fully earned his way onto her list of enemies yet, but if he keeps up his startling random appearances he just might in the near future.

Pocahontas is annoyed by Flynn Rider’s lazy and self-centered nature, although at times she often admires this. Like Pocahontas, Flynn is a free spirit and as this is the case, they often end up on fun adventures and misadventures together. Pocahontas recognizes how tempting it is to poke fun at Flynn and she is actively trying to avoid the temptation to do so in excess. Picking on Flynn has severely backfired on her on more than one occasion, and she is not keen to repeat past mistakes. Unfortunately, boredom has a habit of making her forget.

Georgette is a pretty dog that spends her life going to dog shows and winning trophies. Pocahontas admires her and has at times tried to emulate her beautifying rituals only to realize that what works with dogs does not always work with humans. All in all Pocahontas likes Georgette, though she is suspicious that Georgette might be unwittingly involved in the enslavement of innocent spirits.

John Smith is one of Pocahontas’s older friends, and the first white person she ever saw. They met when he came with other Englishmen to establish the Jamestown colony on the shores of Virginia. As it turned out, they ended up stopping a war between Pocahontas’s people and the settlers together. Pocahontas risked her life to save John’s, and John in turn risked his life to save Pocahontas’s father. It resulted in a serious injury that separated them for a long time. They were only recently reunited however, and have yet to go on any other adventures together. Perhaps in the near future...

Pocahontas thinks King Candy is funny and she does not understand why Queen Elsa does not like him. Mainly, she does not know much about him except what she has seen with her own eyes. She is slightly concerned that he will whisk John Rolfe off to Sugar Rush when she is not looking, causing the English diplomat to get a sugar high from which he will never come down.

Pocahontas thinks Marahute is the biggest, most beautiful bird she has ever seen. She also recognizes her predatory nature, as she had to save Scrooge McDuck from her dangerous talons once. Pocahontas suspects that she is a relic from the ancient world before Ahone shrunk all the animals for the benefit of man.

Pocahontas was suspicious about Merlin at first because when she first saw him, he was driving a loud scary motorcycle. However, she learned later that he is a kindly old wizard. He even helped her figure out how to raise a baby dragon, which she sent back to her tribe to guard them against the Massawomecks. As of right now, Merlin has her trust.

Nakoma is Pocahontas's childhood friend, another Powhatan woman like herself. Nakoma is more serious in nature and serves to reign in Pocahontas's wild and sometimes reckless side. Despite the fact that they are both full grown women, they still often play together like they did in their childhood days.

Pocahontas loves Olaf because Olaf loves everyone, and also because he is friendly and warm (in personality, not temperature). She thinks he is funny and cute, and she likes the fact that he is a magical being. All in all, there is no reason that they would ever not get along.

Oliver is the smallest cat Pocahontas has ever seen and she mistook him for a bobcat runt at first. However, she thinks he is adorable and likes to pet him and play with him. The first time he purred scared her because she did not understand why house cats can vibrate like that, and Flynn Rider led her to the belief that it meant they were about to explode. Whenever Oliver stops by, Pocahontas likes to attract his attention with a piece of dried fish.

Pocahontas really likes Quasi because he is easy to sneak up on and surprise. Contrary to what Quasi thinks, she does not think he is ugly. In fact, she does not even realize that he is deformed. Currently, she is under the impression that "hunchbacks" are a certain race of people from far away and that they are all supposed to look like that.

Pocahontas thinks Rapunzel is cute and spritely, and she enjoys hiding in her long hair. Pocahontas also likes the fact that Rapunzel is not very uptight, much like Anna, and likes doing things with her as part of group activities (e.g. Truth or Dare, etc.). They enjoy girl-time together, like when Rapunzel made Pocahontas a new dress.

Pocahontas thinks Scrooge is a funny duck who talks weird, and she is not particularly thrilled about his manners. She thinks that he needs to be cheered up, only to discover that he is eternally crabby and only interested in the one thing she could not care less about: money.

When Pocahontas first met Simba, she thought he was a mighty cat-god. The largest cat she had ever known before meeting him was the mountain lion, which is quite a bit smaller and lacks a mane. However, thanks to Simba, Pocahontas has become more familiar with the exotic wildlife that is found in places outside of Virginia.

Pocahontas thinks Smart Guy is funny looking, and that he talks funny. She is particularly amused by the fact that he does not wear pants. At first, she thought it was because someone stole his pants, so she went to find them for him and ended up stealing the pants of Roger Rabbit. The blame for the theft fell on Smart Guy, because Pocahontas ran away.

Pocahontas does not know this person very well. All she really knows about him is that he talks funny and she does not understand everything he says. He also seems to think that he is very strong, going as far to challenge Quasimodo to an arm wrestling match.


This strange-looking animal tried to eat Pocahontas and her friend Anna on one occasion when they were searching for a treasure in the woods of Arendelle, so Pocahontas does not like her much. She also thinks Shenzi has a dumb sense of humor, which does not help her opinion of the hyena.

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